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Protect Your Landscaping

When the exterior of your house is being painted, an often overlooked problem is paint getting on your plants. Protecting your landscaping from paint is something every homeowner should consider when repainting a house, and every professional painting contractor should do. After all, an important part of an attractive home is the landscaping.
You can protect your plants from paint with any of these simple and inexpensive tips.
Cover them up – Use a light weight drop cloth or trash bag and lay them over top various plants such as flowers, shrubs, small trees, and bushes. Do not use heavy tarps or bags as these can cause damage to the plant’s leaves and stems. Also you’ll have to remove the trash bags daily, otherwise you will kill the plants because of the lack of light and air circulation. You can make canopies over the plants with sturdy sticks and placing them in front of and behind the garden, then attach trash bags to the sticks, creating a roof over the plants while still allowing some light and air in.
Water your plants a little more – Wet leaves and flowers make it harder for paint to stick to them. By keeping the plants watered and wet, you’ll prevent the paint from sticking long enough to dry on the leaves.
Talk with your painters – Great professional painters have techniques and tools to tackle the issue of falling paint and protecting your landscape and plants, like trenching and tarping. Make your painters aware of your concern for your plants can help a good team map out their ladder placement, equipment placement, and access routes to avoid damaging your plants. A beautifully painted house is quite a sight, but if the landscape around it is dead and destroyed, the paint will not be seen. Follow these tips to protect your plants and gardens from paint and keep your whole property looking like new.
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